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More on broadsides during Close Actions

My question is:

Can a British ship firing a broadside use both port and starboard guns?

I mean, spend a maneuver card, then target the close action enemy as dictated by the Close Action game while also firing to another enemy out of the close action, but within range 0-3. 

best regards,

Lord Luwin
Yes, this is possible.
It sounds like you are in a great Close Action.
Mast und Schotbruch,
Euer Kurzi
Hallo Kurzi,

Yes you are right it is a vicious kind of close action firefight indeed.

And you can expect soon more questions regarding close actions.

And here is the first of them:

How many ships can be part of a cluster either ending their activation there or just passing along it?

There is no Limit of ships ("clustered" or not) in one hex,
but they must be the same direction in the hex.
But there is no other possibility in the CA-Maneuver Cards.
Mast und Schotbruch,
Euer Kurzi

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