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If you stopped at the A6M2...
Was truly bored a days ago and pulled out my Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific War by Rene Francillon and was reading about each of the Japanese plane types when an idea occurred to me. In the passages on the J2M Raiden and A7M Reppu he attributes each aircraft's deployment delays partially to work on the continuous adaptations of the A6M line. 

Stupid question: What might have happened if the Japanese deployed the A6M2 and STOPPED with that model? 

Take the A6 line out and what might you gain in time if the Jiro Horikoshi Design Team could have focused all their attention to these plane types? I'm not saying change or try to improve them, I am saying how much time might you be able to move their initial deployments up? 


1. J2M--"development problems with the engine cooling system and the laminar flow aerofoil section, combined with the priority given to the development of of the A6M series, delayed the completion of the first prototype J2M1." (389) 

2. A7M1--"was not completed until until April 1944, as the Mitsubishi engineering team was required to give priority to the development of newer variants of the A6M and the J2M." (400) 

Thoughts and/or opinions of the impact if one designed, produced, and deployed JUST the A6M2? 


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