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PS3 game recommendations
Hi All:

I've recently came into possession of a PS3, and I'm wondering if people can recommend me some games to play on it.

The only thing I have on it are MGS: The Legacy Collection and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Also thinking about tweaking it so I can play the old Ace Combat games, but yea, all in all, I have no idea what to play on it.

And please only recommend games that are not available on PC, since my Steam library doesn't really need expanding.

Cheers and thank you.
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I enjoy adventure games, so PS3 Uncharted series (Nathan Drake) adventures are recommended as a PS3 exclusive, though I haven't played all the way through.  One I want to get is The Last of Us - a post pandemic survival game.  

You can't go wrong at all with Red Dead Redemption, if you like Westerns. I played this through to completion.  Also Mafia 2 is fantastic if you like Mafia games, I played that through to completion too, plus the Tomb Raider re-boot game.

They are my favorites, I'm bias towards action adventure games.

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