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Can you repair and use full/more sails?
If a ship has 5 rc at the start of the turn, can you repair a ship to add a mast, then declare full and, or, more sails? Technically, do both actions not need to be completed at the start of turn, so only one is possible (and perhaps realistic for a half hour period).

I ask because if you play more sails first, under 2 masts, you get less mp than under 3 mast. But, then, technically you cant repair until the end of turn as the repair must be first or last action?
yes, it is possible to repair rigging, getting your mast and sailing away with your new Movement Points.
But you can also decide to build the mast at the end of the turn, if you don't want to go so far.

To use Full sails you need always 3 Masts, but "More Sails" can be used and movement Points are calculated with the new rigging condition/Masts.
Mast und Schotbruch,
Euer Kurzi
Repair at the begin of the turn is ok.

There is no restriction when the "Special Manoeuvre" is executed.
So with two masts or 10 RC, you repair to 11 RC and build up the third mast again.
Then you play More Sails and gain your MC for 3 Masts (e.g. 7 MP for a Frigate) +3 MP for the More Sails.

So far so good.

For "Full Sails" it's a different storry:
"Full Sails" must be declared at the begin of your activation, because it implies many restrictions.
One restriction is: Only "Chase Guns" are allowed as "Special Manoeuvre", so "Repair" is not.

In other words: it doesn't work within one activation. You first have to repair the rigging in the first turn, than in the next turn, you can declare Full Sails.
Very funny. Now you have two answers within 10 minutes. 
Thank you. I was playing the repair and more sails rule correct, but did not appreciate the full sails limitation, so this helps. Enjoying exploring the many detailed strategies in this game. A game that's relatively easy to learn, difficult to master and know how to use the rules in many different situations. Lots of possibilities in this game. I like Marios theory of, don't think of what you cant do because of restrictions, think of what's possible, which is usually more than new players can see, so, its a fun game to master and fine tune tactics.

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