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Game expansions components, price, availability.
I'm just planning what games I'd like to get over the coming year, and clearly to expand this game would be one option (and I already have Trafalgar Edition on pre-order and looking forward to receiving this).

Looking on BGG and this web site, there is not much information about Sealed Despatches.  I can only find one picture of the content here:

But this is not a full break down of the included components.  Is this available somewhere in more detail?  Specifically I'm interested in, it looks like you get 3 extra ships plus 1 extra scenario? Is this scenario different to Edition 74 scenario, as I know you got an extra small scenario in that limited edition too?

What/how many extra markers do you get in the game?

Are all those ship status sheets covering the one additional scenario?

How many extra tables are there? It looks like one?

Assuming there is no extra map included or needed.  

A full breakdown of the components would be nice to read.

And, for Algeciras 1801 I've yet to see any full picture showing whats included (There are some gameplay pictures on BGG, but not whole content promotional shots).  Is there more than 1 scenario included? How many new ships? New tokens or cards? Again, a full breakdown of components would be good to know and perhaps see more photos of.

And for both sets, what is the latest cost price and availability?

Thank you.
Admiral Inwood

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