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Cape Henry Revisited
In our first battle of this (not so) new year, Thomas and I returned to Cape Henry. Again, I slipped into the role of a valiant French admiral, and look at the end position after 4 turns (when we called it quits):
(French ships markes in red.)
No, I cannot tell you how the French 80 on the right got seperated from the general action. And that is actually all I want to say about the battle. IT was a wretched affair and thoroughly embarassing for me. 
(But I will post some questions later.)

On the plus side, we finally opened that bottle of port.
Don't give up the ship!
Thanks for sharing this, very interesting picture.

I've seen a number of people who start this scenario and quickly abandon the game.

I haven't played any large battles, and I cant see the ship status sheet in the picture.

On the surface it doesn't seem like a lost cause, no masts lost, only one ship down, one out of position but still in tact. The British have a powerful line, but they did in a number of battles. Given time, it would be interesting to play on, if only to see what was salvageable, and you never know, a few lucky rare events could kill, injure or set on fire British ships. This game is never really over, until the die says its over Smile . Sometimes there are 'tipping points' you feel in a battle. Like in my video where there are two stern rakes in quick succession. But its still interesting to play on and see, just in case, of good fortune for the side suffering losses.

In many ways, this example is true to life. Some battles were closely fought and equal, other battles were clear wins and losses at the end. Thanks again for sharing, I enjoy reading this report and your photo that's clearly marked. Good idea to highlight ships for us Smile
As long as I don't know more details, I can only tell you:

Shit happens, ... sometimes.

Let the good times roll,
Mast und Schotbruch,
Euer Kurzi
Ship happens, indeed. 

A bold plan, badly executed, and bad luck with cards, have ruined many a sea officer's career.
Don't give up the ship!
Just remember Africa at Trafalgar.
I think you are in good company. Smile 

This very much looks like an attempt to wear, but the last ship didn't understand the signal.
Well,... that's the way it is.

Alles Gute

P.S. I'm more concerned about the poor sunken ship in the middle of the battle.
Sure the British can show quite some fire power, but...
Are you playing with the latest version of the fog-of-war rule?
Here you go:  Fog-of-War
I would always recommend to play squadrons with this rule, to prevent all ships firing at a single target.

Hi Mario,

thanks for the suggestion, you are absolutely right - we did not play with fog of war and the sunk Frenchman was subjected to several raking broadsides within the same turn. But in our case fog of war would not have saved the poor lads. The squadron ran out of MC while tacking, so the Provence (I think) continued straight ahead, into the path of the British line.
Don't give up the ship!
Looking at the picture again, having played this scenario for the first time tonight.  All I'm surprised about is there was no more damage to British rigging, especially for the French rigging FP bonus. On the second turn in my scenario the French had dis-mast the lead British ship, and entered close combat with them.  But it doesnt look like too much close combat here?
Yes, I decided to skip that part where I do damage to the British ;-)
I tried to be way too clever but ended up acting stupid. Also, I forgot about the French bonus when firing into the rigging!

Ok, here's a very brief summary.

My goal was to have the British break their formation, as can easyily happen when trying to change course with an 8-ship squadron, reduce their rigging, and only then engage stragglers up close. 
Due to a combination of poor planning, bad MC draws, forgetting about my bonus, and a certain amount of foolhardiness, I broke formation with both my own squadrons instead.

Yes, I know ...
Don't give up the ship!

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