Poll: Would you buy a similar game covering the Elizabethan Navy (Spanish Armada era)?
Yes - I really like the idea of playing a game from that era.
No - I'm only interested in the Age of Sail Napoleonic era
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Spanish Armada games? Could this be made?
Aside from Trafalgar, a few hundred years earlier, the Spanish Armada was hailed as England's greatest naval victory.

Could Admiral's Order be adapted to this era and would there be demand for a game of this era?

Before buying Admiral's Order I looked for games catering for this era and could not find one single game.  If anyone knows of any and can recommend I would be interested.  If not, I guess there is a definite niche someone needs to fill in this era.  It could be very interesting rule variants, with the use of galleons, warships, armed merchant vessels, fly boats, fire ships.

The only thing that would scare me is needing around 340+ ship status sheets Smile. Clearly some different type of rules could be designed.  I think it would have to be a very limited edition to make it worthwhile, many 100's of euros, but there could be demand for it.  Games in general these days are getting more and more expensive for these exclusive type games. Only yesterday I saw limited edition lord of the rings based games advertised for 1,000 < 2,000 euros, with all the miniatures and nice boxes.  Getting past the price of a second hand car! But people will pay for something very special.
I did some more research into this and there is an "Armada" game made in 1978 by SPI.  Worth a look at for the 2nd edition rules, they say the 1st edition rules were unplayable.

Also, "La Gran Armada" (1992) by Alea.  

Both seem to be magazine games, not very nice in design.

People mention the biggest issue with this era was there was little strategy and tactics involved, and the firepower of the ships were very low.  Still, a colourful period in history I think and worthy of simulation.

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