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When all Admirals are dead !
Hi Mario,

Just another quick question ........

When all Admirals on a side are dead (from being heroically slain etc etc...) then no AO cards are allowed to be played ?

Each squadron, and ship within it, must then manage with the luck of drawn cards to manaeouver ?

No movements can be given free or shared ?

With kind regards,

when all Admirals are dead or injured, and you still have one or more squadrones
you must give Dummy Orders to these.
Your opponent decides then what coulour of initiative Markers you must draw.

In Captains orders you only can use all other,
exept "Follow Admiral's Order" and "In line Admiral's Order".

And I hope for you that this'll never happen, cause you are the Admiral.  Wink
Mast und Schotbruch,
Euer Kurzi

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