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Line Formations
Hi Mario,

Just a quick questions regarding the 10 allowed Line Formations as shown on page 10 of the rule book.

Four of the ten show the following ship behind the lead ship - these are straightforward.

The other six examples show the following ship to Port (i.e. the left) of the lead ship.

The question (possibly a silly one !) is therefore, do only these exact 10 count as being in Line Formation ?

Or whether the mirror opposite of these six examples are also in Line Formation - i.e. with the following ship in the same position relative to the lead ship in those six examples, but to Starboard (i.e. the right) of the lead ship ?

I would assume yes, but the rule states "the following 10 formations .... " and there are just the 10 pictures.

Thanks for your clarification.

Hi AdmRobbo,

you are absolutely right. Also the mirrored positions count.
(It doesn't make a difference if the ship is to the right or to the left.)

So if you count carefully, there are 18 allowed formations, actually.

Alles Gute
I haven't got to this stage of the rules yet, but I think that would definitely have been a question I would ask, so thank you for this.

It seems some of the new players are confused around the 'mirroring' aspect in this game as I also asked a similar question but for the single ship cards, like 'bear away'.  Perhaps needs to be brought out in the rules a bit more that the diagrams only show one possible situation of two (with the second being the mirrored action).  All the diagrams just show a move or formation taking place on one side of a hex hence these type of questions.

Good question and thanks for the response!

Admiral Inwood

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