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4 Frigates, Lowestoffe
Hi Jon,

well, you want like what you will see in the log file.
I guess the game is very much decided.

I have already started turn 12 and it's now up to you to move Dido and to check for end of game in turn 12.

Alles Gute
Hi Mario - I am back now , thanks for the explanations and here is the latest game . Will leave you to finish the turn and test for end game.
Test for drifting means to draw a card and to use its result to determine whether to drift (and how) or not.

If drawn a card showing "Leeway" (and only if it literally says "Leeway") move the ship one hex away from the wind, without turning it, just keeping it's orientation.

If drawn a card, literally saying "Bear Away", the opponent turns your ship 60° out of the wind.

There is one card in the deck showing both, "Leeway" and "Bear Away". In this case simply do both.

"Special Manoeuvre" doesn't do anything, while testing for drifting.

If a ship struck it colours, it is not activated again, so it doesn't receive an InitiativeMarker at the begin of the turn.
So in our scenario we now have only three ships receiving InitMarkers.
So we should draw red, yellow and blue.

I think you have drawn red and yellow twice. But this is ok for the moment.
So it's your turn now.


Alles Gute
All gone a bit odd in the game! A few questions - how does a special move drift? Also, I think, Dido is to move first in the new turn, but I'm not sure, so need some confirmation.  Either way, it's interesting (if a bit confusing)!

Let me know and then I will make the next move, although I wont be able to move until at least Friday / next weekend.
Minerve has some problems to get closer to accept Lowestoffe's surrender.
Well, the game went into another turn.  Lowestoffe's captain tried his best but had no option but to surrender.  Lack of maneuver ability from the crew and ship rendered planned strategies useless. We needed a repair to get the sails back up and get more cards, but it never happened turn after turn, and with two ships chasing, it would have been tricky to survive.  The double broadside from the French last round did not help - nice moving from the French, and totally unexpected to be able to fire both broadsides in one go.
Again a hard hit. It might be decided soon.
Back on myself, and next turn made. Nearing end game - but the game didn't end this turn.  And still time for the British to make a come back, with the 'right cards'.  But the cards are not going the British way.
Hi Admiral Inwood. I'm back. And here comes my next turn.

Oh, I just noticed, I have made a mistake.
my roll was 10, +4 is 14, so it is 2RS, so one additional S.
I put it on the statusSheet.

Alles Gute

The cards just didn't come right for the Lowestoffe, so defence was the best option right now.
A small break in firing.
And it's a tough turn to respond on too for the British.  Are the sides suffering fatigue already?  The British don't seem much up for a fight right now.  Very even on VP, the French only just ahead slightly.  You will now complete Turn 7, so getting to near where the game could end.
Hard beginning of the turn.
Another interesting turn to complete. 1 French ship to move first.
Not as good as expected.
Two average broadsides only did average damage.
The French have been very lucky with the initiative this round, but they always had the upper hand.  This battle is tipping slightly away from the British due to potential heavy hits this round, but what can the British salvage later on? Who knows, perhaps this round the British will create a fire and explosion? Perhaps they will kill an Admiral to reduce the CV, or knock down some sails.  It's not over yet.
With a lucky shot, Atemise was able to show that the French also know how to use their guns.
Another interesting turn.  Lowestoffe repays the Minerve hits, plus there is a rare event as well!  Cracking game so far, why I like this game so much, and this is only 2 ships.
First hits at Lowestoffe.
An uneventful end to the turn, but the next turn is set up nicely to be interesting.  

As you suspected - IE is not good for the ship status sheets, I switched to Chrome, and this works OK.
After this very fast move by the British, keeping the luv position was the most important objective for this turn.
While Dido's Rigging suffered a little more.
(Please keep in mind, still to draw 3 Cards, because her status was o.k. at the begin of the game turn.)

When tacking some of Lowestoffe's gunners were a little confused where to find the enemy.
Very realistic simulation, I could imagine.

Alles Gute
Log attached, 2 French ships now to move.

I had a problem with marking the ship status sheets as I could only see the middle boxes in the forum.  I note at the end what the ship status sheet should be, so, please update these before playing your turn.

You will also notice some lapses in 'paying' as I go, but, by the end, you will see I correct all the errors, so it's no worries.  Hopefully all played OK now!

Over to you...
so far so good...
Dido activated.  Please check the firing at end to make sure it is all played right (I'm 90% sure it is...).  If not, please adjust hits accordingly, thank you.
Turn complete, and over to you to start Turn 3.

The British are desperately trying to gain an early advantage, no such luck, and some cards wasted, but who knows next turn, when they can draw 3 each again.
I have included "m" in the file name, indicating, it's from Mario.
You might want to place a "j" in your file names.
Makes it easier....

Alles Gute
Dido turn completed, game passed back to French, a complete miss on the first fire attempt of the battle.

Until you get used to it, as a midshipman, the VASSAL visuals can play tricks on the eye. I could have swore the other ship was further away, but it was actually one hex closer and I may have got a hit against it, but, that ship may not be the biggest threat here!  I could have equally have got a rare event to kill or injure the admiral Smile.  No such luck, terrible luck instead, about as worse as I could have gotten then!  But, at least I have one ship left to activate this turn.
Artemise activated.

ahhja .vlog   Lowestoffe_Jon_Mario_02.vlog (Size: 13.22 KB / Downloads: 1)  Here is my move, simple moving so far for the British.
... and here is the first logfile.

So you load the latest save-game-file first and then import the latest Log file I have send to you.

You step thru it step by step and can read my comments and see what i have done.

If it is done, you open/create a new log file for you.
You should increase the number at the end of the file name.
Now you do your move.
If you are ready, you keep your new saved-game-file and upload the logfile to this web page.

That's it.

Alles Gute

P.S. What we also do, is to comment a little what happend in the log file.


First turn, Frensh draw highest Initiative and start.
Minerve and Artimise activated and just moved forward.
Now it's your turn...
Hi Jon,

here comes the saved-game-file.
You load this first into VASSAL and select to be the British-Player please.
(I threw a coin to find out.)

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